With the global increase in remote working, connecting to organisations brings unprecedented demand for data access and network security.

It also requires rapid innovation by businesses.


These trends in turn require suitable, flexible technologies working across a range of business processes to help business cope with trends. Scotia has grown a robust portfolio of tailored technology solutions to help customers become more responsive to changing trends. These include:

Data Centre Enterprise Solutions

Including computing, virtualisation, storage and backups to help clients build advanced infrastructure for meeting the demands of data sharing and communication.

Cyber Security

Including industry-leading solutions and complete, unmatched catch-rate security architecture to defend against attacks over networks and mobile devices.

Digital Infrastructure Solutions

Including united communications and collaboration abilities over wired and wireless enterprise solutions.

Digital Business Transformation

Including enterprise business applications, Big Data management and analytics, payment solutions, governance risk and compliance.

Identity Solutions

We enable Trusted Identities for organizations using the SmartID platform, to offer:

  • Corporate PKI solutions.
  • Identity Management.
  • Access Control Management.
  • PKI-based Identities for IOT Devices

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